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Mailing Lists

NOTE : As of 2024 April - The mailing list is now only an archive. If you have questions please contact us directly via phone / email.

To view the archive of the LBackup mailing list :


LBackup support via the mailing lists is provided for free by LBackup users and developers.

Professional Support

Lucid Information Systems

Lucid offers professional support for LBackup. Lucid offers the following support options :

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Do you offer LBackup Support?

If your or your institution offers LBackup support then contact us and arrange to have your companies details listed.

You may also add you details here yourself. Simply visit the visit the contribution page to get started.

General Backup Support

Setting up and maintaining backups is time consuming. Lucid Information Systems is able to assist you or your organization with backup.

Out-Sourcing your Backups

Outsourcing your backups means that technical staff within your organization having more time to focus on value adding tasks, instead of struggling with generic tasks which can be easily out-sourced.

To really start saving time and money, consider out-sourcing other ITS services or computer systems training with Lucid.

Off Site Data Storage

Lucid offers a variety of off-site data storage, transport and backup solutions.

Backup Consultation and Training

Lucid also offers offers information storage and processing consultation and computer system training services.

Out-Sourcing your Home or Office

Lucid offers a variety of home and office solutions.