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The LBackup development process is open to any one. If you are interested in LBackup development or you are a developer then visit the developer page.

Project Development Style

The LBackup project is a dictatorship. The dictators are the developers who work at Lucid Information Systems. These key developers like to think of themselves as both approachable and reasonable. As such, they believe that it is highly important to listen to suggestions, bug reports, general feedback and future direction for the project.

Overview of How to Contribute

If you like LBackup then please consider donating or contributing to the project.

Your Donations ensure further development of the LBackup project.

Click the donate button below to make a donation to the LBackup project. You are free donate as little or as much as you decide. Donations received this year will go towards updating the server, which will greatly increase the speed of the LBackup website.

If you would rather contribute to the project in a non-moneatry way; please scratch your itch and then release your improvements back to the LBackup community. If you are looking for an aspect of LBackup which is need of help; please refer to the list below. If something is missing from this list then please send an email to the LBackup mailing list :

  • LBackup software development.
  • Creation of tutorials.
  • Translation of documentation.
  • An easy way for users of LBackup to say who they are and how they use the software.
  • Developer documentation.
  • Installers for various platforms.
  • Deployment of a bug tracking system, beyond the mailing list.
  • Join the discussion mailing list and mention problems rather than struggling alone.
  • Join the announcement mailing list and assist with testing alpha LBackup builds.
  • Develop a really simple setup guide for completely new users.
  • Improvement and updating of this documentation.
  • R&D of easier deployment procedures, particularly for large deployments. LBackup needs to be able to scale.
  • Increasing the reliability of backups. (eg. checksum system, input validation)
  • Assistance with the development of the LBackup project from both a technical and general usage / project management perspective.
  • Offer LBackup on-site consultation, deployment and maintenance in your region (eg in your town, city or country).
  • Mirroring of this site, LBackup screen casts and other related downloads. The more countries we are able to host from the more responsive the site and content will be for LBackup users. Assistance with mirroring for the LBackup project is very helpful. If you are in a position to assist with mirroring then let us know.

Contributions and Continuing Improvement

Start collaborating and become a part of the LBackup development team. By submitting documentation code or any other intellectual property to the LBackup project you agree to prove Lucid Information Systems and any other organizations or individuals the ability to distribute, modify and publish your work indefinitely. This allows the documentation and the project to be improved by others into the foreseeable future.

Software Patches

LBackup is licensed under the GNU GPL. Therefore we welcome bug fixes, enhancements and re-factored code. Currently there is no centralized code repository. This is because most of the developers use git for source control management. If you have a patch you wish to submit then please contact Lucid for submission instructions. Source code for the project is available from the source code page and improvements are welcome.

  1. Check the development page or work out what feature you would like to add.
  2. Make your changes to the code.
  3. Test the code with your changes.
  4. Submit the code back to us. Please include a brief description of what your patch is doing. Please note, that if you are using git you are going to makes our life easier.

Once we receive your patch, the code will be audited and with any luck your improvements will show up in the next release of LBackup.

Security Disclosures

If you find a security issue related to LBackup, please contact the maintainers in private first.

Reporting Bugs

If you think you have found a bug, please report it via email or the the appropriate mailing list.

Improving LBackup Dependancies

Below is an incomplete list of software dependencies, contributing to these projects will improve LBackup.

Helping with the Documentation

You are welcome to assist with the LBackup documentation.

  1. Before you are able to edit the LBackup documentation you must login.
  2. Familiarize yourself with DokuWiki in the playground.
  3. Next, start making enhancements to the documentation, by clicking the edit buttons.
  4. Finally, add your name to the contributors page.

Provided this system is not abused, the documentation will remain accessible to the public for enhancement.
Due to persistent abuse please contact us to arrange an account which will allow editing of this documentation

To to report abuse or if you have any questions or problems simply contact us.

Documentation Localization

If you are willing to spend time localizing any of the documentation, then please contact us and we will enable the language(s) which you are willing to start localizing. At present Japanese and English are enabled.

Contributing to the Documentation Software

This documentation is powered by DokuWiki. Contributions to the DokuWiki project will also benefit the LBackup documentation.

Hosting a Mirror or Backup

If you have bandwidth to spare, then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the setup of a mirror or backup of various project aspects.

Purchase Outdoor Goods from Lucid (Outdoors Division)

As an example, purchase the Fenix multi-charger.


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding LBackup please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best,
The LBackup Team.

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