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Backup Log

The backup log and output from running LBackup via an interactive terminal contains information relating to the current state of a backup.

If a backup log or the output from running LBackup command from an interactive terminal dose not end with “Backup Completed Successfully” then there is some sort of problem has occurred during the backup, the backup has not been completed and further investigation is required.

  Note : The backup log may contain the output from multiple LBackup executions.
         For each backup execution there should be a corresponding "Backup Completed Successfully"
         message reported within the log file. If there is one missing for a backup execution,
         then there was a problem during the backup execution which should be investigated.

It is important that you check the integrity of the backup set regularly. For information on performing a restore of a file or a directory tree from the backup set click here.

As an example, if a message (such as that listed below) is reported, then the backup execution was not completed successfully.

WARNING! : Data Transfer Interrupted

It is important to note that in this situation, the backup execution was incomplete and that the next time the backup is executed, this incomplete backup snapshot will be deleted.