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LBackup Backupset


An LBackup backup set is used to store a collection of backup snapshots. Where possible hard links are used between snapshots to conserve storage requirements.

Important Notes

Because hard links are used between backup snap shots it is very important that you do not modify any files within a backup set. You should always restore (copy) a file prior to any modification. If you omit this step you will be modifying files within the other snapshots as well. More information regarding hard links is available from this Wikipedia page.

In summary many snapshots don't make a file more secure. If the file hasn't changed and is the same in all snapshots, then it is only stored once on the disk. If that copy becomes corrupted for any reason, then it will be corrupted in all snapshots. If a file is deleted from one snapshot, it will still exist in the other snapshots. If you require additional security of your files then the recommendation is to generate additional backup sets. The process of distributing backup sets may be carried out with post-actions scripts, with multiple backup configurations or with a manual/automated duplication process.

Access to the Backup Set

If you managing the backup for a number of users, then you may wish to configure a read-only copy of the snapshot root to allow easy restore of files from the backup set.