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Data Recovery

If you are in a situation where you wished you had a backup but you do not then this section maybe helpful.

Please keep in mind that the use of any recovery techniques or tools listed below may hinder or prevent a professional data recovery service from recovering your data. If you have important data that you must recover, then take it to a professional data recovery service with a clean room. Lucid is able to assist you with data recovery by putting you in touch with the best company for the job. Sometimes you only get one shot with data recovery. As such, it is worth using the best if the data you are planning to recover is of importance. Contact us and we will provide you with advice on selecting the right company; to ensure you the best chance of data recovery success.

If you are not worried about the success of this recovery then the following links may be of use :

Should you know of any good articles or tools on data recovery then please let us know.