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LBackup Debian Build Notes

About this page

This page provides notes for building LBackup .deb packages. The process is currently quite manual. As the process becomes more automated then this page should be updated to reflect the process for building the lbackup .deb package.

Debian Build Procedure Prior to build script

The .deb installer may be built using the source files which are accessible from the git-hub repository

The instructions below are still accessible for historical purposes as the build process transitions to the new build script hosted at git-hub. The instructions below will be removed in the future.

Debian Build Procedure Prior to build script - now hosted on git-hub

  1. Update the control file so that the correct version of LBackup is listed. (should be automated)
  2. Rename the source directory so that it is inline with Debian package standards. This is probably just a matter of updating the version number.
  3. Update any of the LBackup source files as required.
  4. Ensure the permissions of the source files are set appropriately.
  5. Use dpkg to build the Debian package :
    •     dpkg --build soruce_files_directory
  6. Test the package.
    1. Check package with lintian. (various issues need to be resolved)
      • lintian -b /path/to/lbackup.deb
  7. Archive the source directory into a tar.gz file.
    1. cd into the parent directory of the soruce directory.
    2. compress the source into a tar.gz archive.
    •     tar -czf lbackup_x.x.x_deb_source.tar.gz lbackup_x.x.x_all
  8. Make the download available by uploading the package to the LBackup download server.

Debian Package Notes

  • Consider redirecting commands from the upgrade removal scripts to /dev/null