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Developer Page : Email Reporting

When are Emails Sent

Currently there a variety of situations when emails are not sent. With the default LBackup example configuration emails are only sent out if the backup has actually started. If a machine is not available for backup then this will not generate an email report. For automated notifications regarding these situations you should schedule the lmail program at a specific interval to report the status of the backups. Another possibility is to enable more verbose email reporting within the LBackup configuration file.

Email Reporting on Every Backup Run

There is a configuration option which you may set so that every time a backup configuration is executed an email is sent out regardless of the success or failure of the backup. Please examine the example lbackup configuration included in the /lbackup directory.

Email Locking

Locking for Sending Emails

This would ensure that only one email can be sent at a time. This is currently a low priority.

Check for Backup Lock Before Sending Email

This would ensure that emails are only sent when a backup is not in progress. This feature is debatable and requires requires further discussion.