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Developer : Instructions for Using an SSH Agent

This page is somewhere to gather good instructions or to write up setup instructions for using an SSH agent on various operating systems.

This document is probably going to require construction by the LBackup team. However, the following links contain tutorials or other helpful information currently available on then internet.

LBackup Team SSH-Agent Tutorial

10.5 ssh-agent Intergration

Possible Solutions

Cron and LaunchD

The command listed below may be an possible (although not fantastic) way of determining the SSH Agent socket for the default ssh-agent which is installed on Mac OS 10.5.x. This solution is obviously not ideal. However, it works and that counts for something.

username=`whoami` ; export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=`ls -l /tmp/launch-*/Listeners | grep ${username} | awk '{ print $9 }' | head -n 1`

Helpful Links