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Short Term LBackup Project Road Map


Released Monday 14th September 2009

  • Improve the defaults so that a basic configuration file will be simpler to setup
  • Look at a locking system for when the backup is taking place
  • Bundle a post hook script which will generate accurate date and time symbolic links to backup sections.


Released Friday 6th November 2009

  • Consider a source check for local backups.
  • Consider a destination check for local backups.
  • On Darwin systems implement automatic checking on destination volume for permissions.


Released Thursday 21st January 2010

  • Pre-rotation backup set integrity check (already available in the alpha builds)
  • Warnings if there are unmanaged rotations within the backups set (already available in the alpha builds)
  • Email report template customization functionality.
  • Improved configuration input parameter parsing
    • Check for number of rotations is 1 or greater and is not blank
    • Check the recipient email address has been modified (eg. it is no longer the default and is not empty)


  • Check that the source exists for local backups
  • Check that the destination exits for local backups


  • On Darwin systems implement automatic checking of access control lists on destination volumes.
  • lmail will check for a backup lock - this needs some thought regarding potential implications.
  • Improved configuration input parameter parsing
    • Check there is a value for the source (eg. not empty)
    • Check there is a value for the destination (eg. not empty)
  • Timing reporting options
  • Timing feature for pre / post action scripts
  • Example Script Additions
    • Ability to cancel the backup if the backup was completed within less than a specified period of time.
  • Log rotation improvements - requires investigation into various options
  • Basic system logging of events
    • Requires investigation into various options (possibly using logger?)
    • Initially events such as backup started / completed / failed to be included

0.9.8s (or later)

  • Add in checks so that if SSH is not enabled then the ping test is automatically disabled.
    • At the least a warning regarding the configuration is issued.
  • Tool to build a configuration set by asking you some questions.
  • Add data verification features by incorporating bundling and incorporating the fingerprint (or similar) project.
    • Requires looking at the excludes file (rsync syntax) in depth with regards the approach of data verification.
  • Add easier support for encrypted backups
  • Add improved built in support for backup of VMWare Fusion virtual machines
  • Improve built in support for the backup of virtual machines (how, what, when?)
  • Localize more of the documentation into Japanese to support this community.
  • Look at improved Drobo integration and automatic setup.
  • Improve the ease of the backup scan application
  • Improve the output of the backup scan application
  • Bundle backup scan into the primary download.
  • Ensure that any references to md5 or md5sum are correct based upon the operating system upon which LBackup is running.
  • Look at a way to offer more advanced configuration
  • Investigate improvements to multiple sources via a source file and possibly multiple destinations though a destinations file.
  • Improve the bundled multi-destination support so that it is easier to configure.
  • Include an option to not force the coping of permissions. This would mean it is easier to setup backups to remote (ie AFP mounted) file systems. Such a feature would require proof of concept testing before implementation or development.
  • Option for storage of multiple incomplete backup attempts - requires investigation.
  • Option for referencing of multiple incomplete / complete backup snapshots when hard linking (–link-dest).