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LBackup Release Notes

Version 0.9.8r4

  • Various minor improvements.
  • Added ability to archive rsync session log files.
  • Very basic man page is now included.
  • Improvements to post action subsystem.
  • Added an option for disabling ACL preservation on darwin with custom rsync v3 installed.
  • Added a basic example post action script which reports the backup completion time.
  • Moved the configuration directory to /etc/lbackup
  • Added options for the rsync –checksum to the LBackup configuration file.
  • Added options for the rsync –numeric-ids to the LBackup configuration file.
  • Added basic LINUX server support to the example sparse-bundle synchronization post action script.
  • Added the ability to pass the -s flag to the lcd command so that it may be used within a script to search for files.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.9.8r3

  • Includes a post action which makes archiving of the sync session logs easy. If enabled this log may be used as a trip wire. It is possible to compare session logs to exactly which files in your backup have been modified, added or deleted.
  • Initial implementation of custom per backup configuration mail template system.
  • Improvements to reliability of backups by adding a snap shot integrity check prior to commencing backup snapshot rotations.
  • Added errors if the specified custom version of rsync was not able to be located on the system when darwin checks are enabled.
  • Added warnings for unmanaged sections within a backup set.
  • Added hard link support even when number of rotations is set configured to one rotation. Earlier version would copy all data again across the network.
  • Added integer input checking for number of rotations.
  • Resolved issue relating to the exit value always being set to zero even when an error occurred during the backup.
  • Implemented basic checks before sending mail that the destination address has actually been modified.
  • Added additional pre and post action scripts.
  • Various minor improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.9.8r2

  • Added an example post action script which will maintain a link to the backup destination directory within the backup configuration directory.
  • The new version of the example post-action script for generating time based links script now generates relative links by default. This makes it easier to migrate backup sets between storage devices or directories.
  • Resolved issue with Mac OS 10.3.9 installer.
  • Basic checks implemented for backup destination and source availability for local non-network based backups.
  • Added checks for destination volume permissions when executing on Darwin.
  • Fixed the sender address of emails. Now the configuration file is honored
  • Resolved an issue with the x-sender header. It is now set to the sender address.
  • Improved email in certain error conditions.
  • Improved lock file removal with regards to certain error conditions.
  • Improved post action scripts reliability.
  • Added option in configuration file to allow post action scripts to run even on backup error.
  • Resolved issue relating to post script actions running, even if the atomic swap failed. This is now correctly implemented and will depend upon your post-action configuration settings.
  • Added a configuration option to allow lmail to run even if the backup was completed successful.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Various other minor improvements to the install process.

Version 0.9.8r1

  • New commands to assist with finding files to restore
  • More appropriate default settings
  • Basic backup in progress locking implemented
  • Additional parameters made available to the pre and post hook scripts
  • Additional logging facilities
  • Additional example post script added
  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 0.9.8q9

  • Minor changes to the example backup configuration.
  • Improved reliability of backups which are not being run as root.
  • Additional example pre-action scripts.

Version 0.9.8q8

  • Improved example backup configuration.
  • Fixed issue relating to setting a custom rsync path under Darwin.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 0.9.8q7

  • Improved example backup action scripts.
  • Implemented support for rsync v3 and rsync v3 compiled with additional Mac OS X meta data support patches.
  • Added ability to specify the sender name and return address used for email reporting within the mail configuration file.

Version 0.9.8q6

  • LINUX Backup to OS X improvements.
  • New options to allow the use of OS X bundled version of rsync for network backups.
  • Automatic compatibility checking enabled for OS X bundled version of rsync.
  • Ground work for auto detection of remote OS completed.
  • Minor code clean up.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.9.8q4

  • Improved SSH Wrapper

Version 0.9.8q3

  • Improved Linux Support

Version 0.9.8p1

  • Improved SSH testing module.
  • Improved example SSH Lbackup wrapper script.
  • Fourth GNU GPL open source release of LBackup.