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Database Backups

Backup of databases often requires additional planning. Backup of some databases will require the database to be completely shutdown. Some databases have backup features which will make your life easier.

If you require assistance with the backup of your data-bases then visit the LBackup support page.

Network Backing up of Databases

LBackup is a very simple backup tool. It is possible to perform backups of databases via a network with LBackup. However, it is recommended that you perform network database backups with the help of LSync. Combining LSync and LBackup provides many options for database backup implementation.

LSync provides support sending arbitrary commands across to the backup source. This means that the databases can be sent commands such as dump, or sync etc.

Alternatively, if your database supports a dump command then you may want to consider using a pre-backup hook with LBackup. Check the documentation for your particular database for some sort of dump function.

Finally, depending upon the database, it may have very good sync feature, allowing you literally have hot sync of the database which may be completely shut down for the backup (using an LBackup pre-backup script), while the master database stays online for use. Then when the backup is completed (an LBackup post-backup script) can bring the database back online so that it will re-sync with the live database. Check the documentation for your particular database regarding details of such a feature.


If you require support with the backup of your database(s), Lucid Information Systems offers information storage and processing consultation services. In addition, you may be able to find a company on the LBackup support page.