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Requirements Overview

LBackup is designed to work with Mac OS X and other *NIX systems including BSD and LINUX.

It is possible to get LBackup will working on windows systems. Support on windows based systems is via cygwin and is not available directly from Lucid Information systems.

Should you require support with the backup of your Windows based systems, contact us. Lucid has partners within the Synergy Consortium who are ready to assist with LBackup and also other rsync algorithm based backup solutions for Windows based systems.

LBackup relies upon rsync for file transfers and comparisons and is a requirement for LBackup. Depending upon your meta data requirements you may need to build a specific version of rsync for your needs.

If you are running LBackup on Mac OS X then using rsync version 3 is recommended.

LBackup Mac OS X Compatibility

If you are running LBackup on Mac OS X the backup destination volume will need to have permissions enabled. With out permissions enabled hard linking and preservation of permissions may not be possible. In addition, if you are backing up files which have associated ACL's then you will need to ensure that ACL's have been enabled on your backup volume.

LBackup has been tested and is compatible with the following versions of Mac OSX.

  • macOS 10.2.9
  • macOS 10.3.9
  • macOS 10.4.x
  • macOS 10.5.x
  • macOS 10.6.x
  • macOS 10.7.x
  • macOS 10.8.x
  • macOS 10.9.x
  • macOS 10.10.x
  • macOS 10.11.x (requires the alpha build or disabling of rootless SIP)
  • macOS 10.12.x
  • macOS 10.13.x
  • macOS 10.14.x
  • macOS 10.15.x

LBackup LINUX Distribution Compatibility

LBackup supports the following LINUX distributions :

  • Debian (including derivatives such as Ubuntu)
  • Arch Linux

There is no reason why this list may not be expanded.

LBackup Specific Requirements

Basic LBackup functionality will not require all of the software components listed below.

Software Dependencies

Below is an incomplete list of LBackup software dependencies. Modern *NIX based operating systems will often have the core software components pre-installed. All of the core components are availible for Microsoft Windows systems within the cygwin environment.

Because LBackup is writtin primarily in bash (a scripting language) it relies heavily on other software utilities to do the heavy lifting.

Specific Software Dependencies

  • bash
  • rsyncx or rsync
  • ssh or openssh
  • echo
  • mv
  • rm
  • tee
  • dirname
  • python
  • sendmail or compatible mailer daemon
  • tcsh
  • grep
  • sudo
  • mount
  • umount
Mac OS X Specific Software Dependencies
  • osascript or compatible applescript run time environment
  • growl
  • growl notifier
  • growlout
  • diskutil
  • hdiutil

General Software Dependencies

  • text editor
  • encryption utility
  • image-file utility
  • archiving utility
  • scheduling utility
  • applescript editor
  • mail reader
  • mail server
  • operating system