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Disk Image Backup

This topic relates backup scripts which rely upon the diskutil command which is available on Mac OS X. These scripts may be used to enhance the way LBackup works. There are similar utilities available on other operating systems. These notes should be expanded to cover other popular tools.

Future Direction

Disk image integration is a key goal for the LBackup project. As such there are plans to bundle pre action scripts to assist with the setup and checks for disk images onto which the backup will take place.

In addition, it is hoped that helper tools will be developed to manage these images.

Finally, as the project progresses it is hoped that disk image integration features of LBackup will continue to evolve. If you have ideas or suggestions then you are encouraged to join the appropriate mailing list.

Basic Backup Scripts

Helpful Rsync Examples

 /path/to/rsync -a --human-readable --stats --sparse /path/to/src.sparseimage /path/to/dstdir/

Mounting a Disk Image Cron/LaunchD

  • setlcid
    • set the login contest id. (this could be useful)