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LBackup : Known Issues

  • When you specify an SSH test, you must have the SSH wrapper installed on the client. The test will most likely fail if this wrapper has not been installed.
  • Backups will fail if the last directory specified in the path as the backup destination has a space in the name. Please ensure that the backup destination directory specified within your LBackup configurations has no space. The LBackup team are investigating this issue.
  • If you are backing up to certain network mounted file systems on Mac OS X then the backup will probably not work. This is because LBackup would like to preserve the permissions and other meta-data which may not be supported by the remote file system or the connection to the remote file system. If you have a suggestion on how to resolve this then please contact us.
  • If your log file has a space or other character which requires escaping in the path name then it will not work. A bug fix for this issue, is slated for the next release. It has already been fixed in the latest alpha.

RSync v3
  • The extended attributes of symbolic links may not be preserved. This issue is being investigated.

RSync v2
  • The backup of AppleScript Applications and Droplets is not working on machine running Mac OS 10.3.9 or earlier. This is due to the custom version of RSync. This bug is one reason the LBackup project since release 0.9.8q5 has moved to the standard version of RSync which ships with Mac OS X. If you have AppleScript Applications which must be backed up and you are using the custom version of Rsync, then it is reccomended that archives of these Applications are made. LBackup will then store the archive correctly. Another work around is to save these scripts as Application Bundles rather than Applications.
  • ASR (Apple Software Restore) disk images created with CCC on intel based systems appear as corrupted when copied by RSync. This issue may affect more than just images created with CCC, or it could be an argument missing. More information will be posted as it becomes available.
  • The binary available for download has been tested on 10.2.9, 10.3.9, 10.4.11 and 10.5.0 and it has been tested on both Intel and PPC architectures. However please be aware that it is a PPC binary. If you have complied an universal binary version of rsync which then please consider contributing this binary to the LBackup project. In the mean time you may want to compile your own version of rsync version 3.
  • Under Mac OS 10.4.7 there seems to be an intermittent issue with rsync. This issue is discussed further here. Information relating to this issue will be posted as it becomes available. If you are having this problem with the built in version of rsync, then it is recommended that you set the following option to your LBackup your configuration file.
# Allow the use of the standard version of rsync when performing the backup (YES/NO)
# If the remote OS is Mac OS X 10.3.9 or earlier then it is recommend that this option is set to "NO"

LBackup : Bugs that are Features

  • If LBackup needs to traverse more than 99 symbolic links while attempting to load a configuration file it will stop. The assumption is that there is some sort of symbolic link loop setup in the file system. If this becomes a problem for you simply edit the source code and increase the maximum number of allowed symbolic links which may be traversed.