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About RSync

Rsync is a command line based directory synchronization tool, providing fast, efficient file transfers and is available for many major OS platforms. Rsync may be run in conjunction with SSH for secure, encrypted file transfers.

Please visit the official rsync site for further details.

RSync Features at a Glance

  • Copy just the parts of files which have changed (not implemented in current LBackup release).
  • Transfer only the files which have been modified since the previous synchronization.
  • Hard link support between snap shots (providing an easy way to restore files from a backup).
  • Runs on a multitude of operating systems.
  • Supports SSH encrypted communications.
  • Efficient synchronization across network mounted or local file systems.
  • Supports the preservation of various meta-data.

Rsync Tutorial Resources

Relation to LBackup

In essence, rsync is one of the core utilities upon which LBackup depends.

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