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Once you have generated your configuration files. The next step is to test your backup.

  1. Open a Shell.
  2. Authenticate as the required user to run the backup.
  3. Enter the full path to the LBackup executable onto the terminal.
  4. Ensure there is a space after the executble.
  5. Enter the configuration file as the first argument. (Links to local and network configuration instructions are listed below)
  6. Check your command.
  7. Press enter to run the backup command.

You should see the backup now taking place.

Most information which you see will be logged to the backup log.

Once the backup has finished, verify the backup.

Depending upon file permissions it may be necessary to run the backup as root (super user).

  • Visit the screencasts page to visually learn how to configure and run a basic backup.

Local Backup Configuration

For instructions on how to setup of a basic local disk to disk backup, refer to the configuring a basic backup page.

Network Backup Configuration

Visit the Network Backup page for details regarding the setup of a network backup.