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Configuring a Basic Backup

This page outlines the setup and execution of a basic backup configuration file set.

  • Visit the screencasts page to visually learn how to install and configure LBackup

LBackup Configuration

  • Follow the instructions below to configure a basic backup of a directory called /src to a directory called /dst on your system.
  • This tutorial assumes you are root on the system.
    • If you are a sudo enabled user then you can enter the following command, followed by your password to gain a root terminal.
    •    sudo su

Copy the template configuration directory

The steps below will generate a copy of the template configuration directory and generate a source and destination directory.

cp -a /lbackup/example_backup_config /lbackup/basic_backup_test
cd /lbackup/basic_backup_test/
mv example_backup.conf basic_backup_test.conf
mkdir /dst
mkdir /src
  • The last two lines create a source and destination directory for the backup. The source directory will be backed up to the destination directory (backup set).

Edit the configuration

Next edit and save the file /lbackup/basic_backup_test/basic_backup_test.conf so that it looks like the following :


Run the Backup

Finally, run LBackup with this configuration file by issuing the following command :

/usr/local/sbin/lbackup /lbackup/basic_backup_test/basic_backup_test.conf

You have just configured and executed a basic backup from /src to /dst.

For more information regarding the configuration of LBackup visit the documentation page.

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