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lbackup manual

If you are looking for basic usage instructions to get started with LBackup then please visit the LBackup usage page.


The 'lbackup' command allows you to commence a backup as specified in the configuration file which you pass into the command as the first argument.

When to Use

It is possible to specify this command directly within and interactive shell, from within a script or for automated backups from a a scheduling daemon such as 'cron'.

Usage Examples

Before you start your backup you will need a source and destination for your backups and you will also require a LBackup configuration directory. The configuration directory structure allows advanced configuration of each backup configuration including pre and post action scripts. There is an example configuration installed into the following path when you install lbackup : /lbackup/example_backup_config.

Instruction on establishing a basic LBackup configuration are available here.

Usage examples : 
  configuring basic backup example  : /usr/local/sbin/lbackup /lbackup/basic_backup_test/basic_backup_test.conf
  generic usage                     : /usr/local/sbin/lbackup /path/to/your/backup.conf

If you are using the bash shell then you can use the alias function as specified in the help :

alias start_backup="/usr/local/sbin/lbackup /path/to/your/backup.conf"

Then you can simply start your backup with the command listed below :

Usage examples if you have configured your bash profile with an alias and you use the bash shell :   
  begin backup as configured in your profile :  start_backup

If you are having problems then please ask for help on the LBackup mailing list or contact Lucid Information Systems for support.

LBackup Configuration Directory Notes

At present any LBackup configuration directory path must not contain spaces. The backup will fail to execute if this is the case. The plan is that a future version of LBackup will not have this limitation. However, LBackup provides flexibility with regards the location of the backup configuration directories and adding support for spaces within the path is not a high priority at present.

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