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This page is an outline of where the LBackup project is heading.

It would be a good idea to organize a ticket system to track feature requests and bugs. This and other development issues are discussed on the developer page and on the mailing lists.

If you wish to be running the latest LBackup alpha release (bleeding edge release) then sign up to the announcements mailing list. If you would like to be involved with the development of the project then start by forking a copy of the LBackup source code from GitHub.

New Features

Below are a list of new features which have been requested.

Configuration File Improvements

  • Option for full / partial file transfers (will require specifications of multiple –link-dest arguments).
  • Option for enabling / disabled compression.
  • Option for overriding the RSync version strict checking.
    • Version 0.9.8q2 supports a basic implementation
  • Option for enabling in-progress locking, to prevent more than one instance of a backup to running simultaneously.
    • LBackup version 0.9.8r-alpha-7 introduces basic implementation for backup locking
  • Option for specifying the email 'from' address.
    • Finally completed in 0.9.8r2-alpha8
  • Option for enabling SSH email.
  • Option to allow default RSync version to run on OS X
    • Version 0.9.8q2 supports a basic implementation
  • Option supporting backup client pre and post scripts.
  • Tools to aid in locating files for restoration
    • The lcd command introduced in version 0.9.8r-alpha-4 is the first step.
    • More tools to scan forward and backwards in directories for changes.
  • A LBackup configuration file creation script which prompts you for various information.

Backup Integrity Check Improvements

  • Pre-Rotation backup set integrity checks.
    • Basic implementation introduced in version 0.9.8r3-alpha1
  • Secondary checksum system.
    • There are now plans to build in support for Fingerprint to provide integrity checking of each backup.
    • A check sum option was introduced in version 0.9.8r4

FileVault Integration